Restaurants & Cafe


Name Address Contacts
Voglia Matta Nemiga 1 +375172038786;
Ratusha and 05 Str. Herzen, 1 + 375 17 226 06 43
Lido Restaurant Nezavisimosti ave 49-1
Talaka Straunya Rakovskaya Str., 18 +375-17-203 27 94
Rakovsky Brovar Vitebskaya 10 206-64-04;
Stari Gorod Bogdanovicha 19 +375 17 286 05 08
Rakauski Brovar Vitebskaya str. 10 +375-17-229-29-28

Coffee Bars

Perfetto Romanovskaya Sloboda str 1; Italian place. Fresh style, smoking is alowed
Coffee In Internatsionalnaya str 23
My English Granny Marksa str 36
News Cafe Marksa str 34
BEZE Nezavisimosty ave 18
Abrikos Nezavisimosty ave 23 Spacious youth cafe right near the McDonalds on the main street


GOSTI Nezavisimosty ave 25 Spacious new pub - one of the biggest in the city. Loud live music, dance floor in front of the music stage.; It's a nice place with many people even during weekdays. Service is rather slow - you can wait for an hour for the food you ordered.
DOODAH KING Bersona str 14 Doodah King is a cozy bar close to the red church. It looks like a Mexican bar in Texas. The quality of drinks and food is pretty good but the price is not cheap. The bar is opened till 5 am, sometimes the enter is not free.
Inter Pub Surganova str 50 This pub is in some distance from central area and old city; it may take 5-10 min driving to get there. There are several other restaurants in the same building (Japanese and Italian). Live music is very nice - great oldies mostly. Opened till 2 a.m.
Drozhi United Sverdlova str 2 A comfortably small Irish place with special atmosphere. TV (sport), nice music and a lot of beer won't let you down :)
Voglia Matta Svobody sq. 17 An old Italian place. Loud music, dance floor, bar. Reasonable price for food and drinks... Opened till late.
U Ratushi / 0,5 Gertsena str 1 Live music is played almost every evening. Whether your purse is full or not, you are mostly welcom here. It's not easy to get in after 8-9 p.m. on weekends.

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